Alpen announces larger, electronic-locking Basecamp Bike Capsule

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Four years ago we first heard about a lockable weatherproof pod called the Alpen Bike Capsule, designed for securely storing bicycles outdoors. The latest incarnation of the device is not only larger, but also features an electronic locking system.

Now known as the Classic, the original version of the capsule is made of UV-resistant roto-molded polyethylene, and incorporates a ball-bearing-equipped hinged “lid” that is simply pulled forward over the bike inside, then locked. The entire capsule can itself be bolted down from the inside, to surfaces such as wooden decks or concrete pads.

The new model – called the Basecamp Bike Capsule – is bigger than the Classic, in order to accommodate larger ebikes, cargo bikes, and mountain bikes with wide handlebars. More specifically, it measures 85 inches long by 32 in wide by 55.6 in high (216 by 81 by 141 cm), and can accommodate bikes up to 77 in long (196 cm) and 33 in wide (84 cm).

Whereas the Classic utilizes a traditional key lock on its lid, the Basecamp has a Bluetooth-enabled electronic lock that can be wirelessly engaged or released via a smartphone app. As is the case with other “smart” locks we’ve covered, users can remotely grant capsule access to friends, family members or other people via that app, either permanently or at specific times.

Additionally, if businesses and/or municipalities start utilizing the new capsules, cyclists will be able to use the app to geolocate a public-use Basecamp near their destination, then proceed to reserve it, unlock it, and pay for parking.

Other features include a small rear opening that allows the cord from a user-supplied ebike charger to be run to a nearby power source; multiple interior hooks and bins for storing helmets or other cycling gear; a rear wheel chock that holds the bike upright; plus an optional Hiplok Ankr that can be utilized to lock the bike up within the capsule, adding an extra layer of security.

The Basecamp Bike Capsule is available for preorder now, priced at US$2,399 – shipping is expected to commence this fall (Northern Hemisphere). Bike-parkers on a budget can also still buy the Classic, which sells for $1,799.