Essential items for your campus picnic: Mat, sunscreen, more

Categories: Hike & Camp

Berkeley’s weather has recently been hitting the sweet spot between windy and sunny, and we all know what that calls for … a picnic! Whether it’s on the Glade, beside the Valley Life Sciences Building or underneath the cherry blossom trees, you shouldn’t forget these picnic essentials.

Picnic mat

This goes without saying, even if it’s extremely sunny, that doesn’t mean the soil and the grass are also dry. We certainly don’t want to get up with stains on our clothing. A simple picnic mat (or even an old towel for that matter) will be your best friend and probably the most essential item on this list.


Even if one of your goals for chilling on the grass is to tan, make sure you don’t forget to apply sunscreen, especially on your face. This protects your skin from the harsh UV rays and serves as a way to prevent painful sunburn.

A drink

Remember to stay hydrated! Drinks can range from simple and straightforward bottled water to extremely energizing iced lattes. It makes the whole picnic experience much better and can accompany you while you focus on other tasks, from reading books to finishing your homework on your laptop.


It can’t be a picnic without snacks, obviously. You can check out our Eating Berkeley section for some amazing recipes, stop by Trader Joe’s or open Snackpass to pick some food up before you settle on a spot.

Bug spray

A bug spray in order to keep insects away is also highly recommended. It’s definitely annoying trying to relax when so many mosquitoes are trying to bite you. Those insect bites can honestly ruin your whole picnic experience.

A cap, hat or sunglasses

In case the sun is overwhelmingly bright, having some sort of protection for your eyes is certainly helpful. This is the perfect opportunity to show bypassers on campus your style, since adding on some form of accessory really enhances your whole outfit. You can channel your inner model energy.

From club socials to wanting to complete your project in a relaxing and refreshing setting, get ready to pack all these things in your bag next time you decide on going on a picnic.