Grayl Introduces UltraPress Water Filter And Purifier Bottle

Categories: Hike & Camp

Seattle, OR-based Grayl, a maker of water purifiers, announced the launch of its packable UltraPress Filter and Purifier created for hikers, backpackers and travelers. The bottle offers many of the performance features found in the higher capacity 24-ounce GeoPress but in a compact, 16.9-ounce.

The UltraPress allows the user to make clean, safe drinking water from anywhere and protects against all waterborne viruses, including Rotavirus, Norovirus and Hepatitis A, plus bacteria and protozoa in a 10-second press. It also filters out microplastics and many pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, heavy metals, and eliminates unwanted tastes and odors.


“Clean, safe drinking water is a fundamental element of life, and the key ingredient in adventures big and small,” said Grayl CEO and President Andrew Weber. “The UltraPress isn’t just a new product, it’s the result of tireless research, development and testing that positions Grayl as an indispensable tool that provides self-sufficiency and peace of mind anywhere in the world.”

The UltraPress is sized for a pack pocket in a sleek, easy-to-use design suitable for individuals or groups for use in the outdoors. The bottles hinged FlipCarry handle rotates 90-degrees for easy carry and offers one press filtration and purification. The multifunctional SimpleVent drink cap features a RiverFlow drink-thru spout that produces a fast flow of water.


“Our goal has always revolved around revolutionizing portable water filtration and purification,” said Travis Merrigan, co-founder and head of product development, Grayl. “The top-rated GeoPress needed a sidekick that could fit into any pack pocket or cup holder without sacrificing the performance that has won over hundreds of thousands of customers that depend on Grayl to empower their adventures. And UltraPress does just that.”