Harley-Davidson Pacific Shows Muscle Bikes Can Be Purple And Not Look Ridiculous

Categories: Motorcycle

Because there are only so many things one can do to a stock motorcycle to turn it into a worthwhile custom, some elements weigh much more heavily than others in sending across the right message, once the build is done.

Two of those elements are the wheels and colors, and this is why it is here we see the greatest variety of ideas and designs. One has to be careful though to choose the right ones, the most suitable for the bike being converted.

Harley-Davidson’s V-Rod family has always been advertised as one packing a punch, muscle machines that don’t like to compromise. And over the years, we’ve seen garages embracing that statement and going for massive, sculpted and aggressive wheels, and countless variations of black and chrome, the most suitable colors for this breed.

Some have ventured outside this norm, of course, and we’ve also been treated with red, orange, or even white builds. It’s not every day though that a V-Rod crosses our screens draped in purple.

Technically, that’s not a color one would immediately associate with, or believe it could work on, a custom muscle Harley, not even one based on the early models of the family, a 2002 model year VRSCA. Yet on the build we have here doesn’t seem out of place at all.

The thing is the work of an Estonian talent named Fredy Jaates, a man with a clear passion for remaking V-Rods. For this one, he went for a dark purple on the custom fenders, fuel tank, and parts of the frame, and one would have expected Jaates to have problems properly integrating that into a worthwhile build.

Yet he managed to do it, using excessive amounts of chrome on the 18-inch Pacific wheels (which inspired the name we gave the build), on the custom exhaust, front fork, and parts of the engine. The rest of the engine block comes in deep black, linking chrome to purple in a seamless manner.

The build is loaded with custom bits, from the drag handlebar to the rear fork. It rides on a Legend air suspension system, and boasts a wealth of custom covers on all the parts that needed covering.