How Technology is Transforming the Wellness Industry

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On the surface, technology and wellness products seem like complete opposites. Tech products connect us to the world and expand our capabilities, while wellness products detach us away from screens and help us physically and mentally recharge.

Interestingly, there’s a few notable exceptions on the market that combine the two. The result? A new way of viewing wellness through the eyes of the 21st century. Here are five wellbeing products powered by technology worth knowing about.

Walking GPS

While gyms were closed throughout lockdown, many of us had to find new ways to exercise without the use of gym equipment. One such method of exercise that has continued to prove popular is walking and hiking, and the health benefits are surprisingly substantial. Alongside burning excess calories, walking can increase stamina and even improve heart health.

All of these benefits can easily be achieved by taking a brisk walk around your local area or countryside, however for those that wish to take walking a step further, a walking GPS can be a great choice. Built for trekking and long hikes, these incredible gadgets give keen walkers a safe way to map their own route or follow the least trodden path to explore the best of what nature has to offer.

Fitness Watch

If you’ve recently started a new workout routine, a fitness tracker could turn exercise into a fully fledged hobby for you. Similar to GPS units, fitness trackers come in various styles and shapes, but they are sold as watches or bracelets.

By wearing a fitness tracker, you can easily quantify factors such as distance travelled, steps taken, as well as your heart rate. Fitness watches perform equally well in the gym, giving you immediate feedback and insights into important metrics.

Of course, they also tell the time, making them at the very least a comfortable watch to wear while exercising. Many fitness trackers are now even customisable, and can be as discreet or as flashy as is required.


For the past two decades, people have been using e-cigarettes as an effective smoking cessation tool. While expert research surrounding vaping is still ongoing, recent studies have indicated that electronic cigarettes pose a significantly lower health risk compared to cigarettes. In fact, PHE has declared that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking.

Since their roll out, vaping devices have continued to decrease in size and broaden in features. Now, ex-smokers can enjoy an even more user-friendly experience through disposable vape devices such as the Elf Bar. These miniature draw-activated devices retain all of the features as seen in pen-style vapes, however they are pre-filled with e-liquid flavours, fitted with integrated batteries, and can be disposed of once the device is empty.

Electric Diffusers

Electric diffusers are another hugely popular tech-powered wellness product, doubling up as both a modern home accessory and a natural way to unwind. In the same way that a candle or reed diffuser works, these devices infuse the air with beneficial essential oils. The difference is that you can switch out oils and customise how often you want it to be dispersed.

On a technical level, these ultrasonic diffusers work by dispensing aromatic essential oils into the air through vibrations of a plate. When breathed in, these microscopic oil particles can help to create a calm atmosphere, improve concentration and even reduce stress and anxiety.

Electric Bikes

The history behind the electric bike dates back to the late 19th century, however they have only been commercially accessible since the 1990s. Unlike conventional bikes, electric bikes offer pedal assistance and use rechargeable batteries, simplifying the cycling experience and making even the most arduous of rides enjoyable.

If you’re someone who regularly uses public transport or commutes to work everyday, e-bikes can be a worthwhile investment. Not only do they offer support while cycling, but they’re also an extremely cost-effective and energy efficient choice, not to mention completely emission free!