New bike route in Kentucky is so big it connects 10 counties

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Kentucky officials recently capped off a four-month roadside signage project that marks the completion of a new 10-county bicycle route.

U.S Bicycle Route 21 begins at the Cumberland Gap in Middlesboro, Kentucky, and extends 265 miles to the south side of the Ohio River in Maysville, Kentucky. The route spans Bell, Knox, Laurel, Rockcastle, Madison, Clark, Bourbon, Nicholas, Robertson and Mason counties

According to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, the route will eventually be part of a national route that ultimately spans from Cleveland, Ohio, to Atlanta, Georgia.

new kentucky bike route 21

U.S. Bicycle Route 21 makes Kentucky one of the top five states with the most miles on the U.S Bicycle Route System. The Commonwealth is also home to U.S. Bicycle Route 76, which runs from Marion in the western part of the state to Elkhorn City in the eastern part

On Monday, the Transportation Cabinet unveiled 350 road signs that designate Bike Route 21, which is also known as the Daniel Boone Bike Route. It follows much of the original “Boone Trace,” the historical trail established by Daniel Boone in 1775 marking the first road to land west of the Appalachian Mountains.

“U.S. Bike Route 21 not only provides recreational, health and tourism benefits, it also helps to raise awareness of the historical significance of Boone Trace,” said Friends of Boone Trace, Inc. President Dr. John Fox.