Super Soco introduces new e-bike alternative

Categories: Bike

Electric motorcycle brand Super Soco has introduced a new alternative to an e-bike or e-scooter.

Called the CU mini, it benefits from similar technology to that found in Super Soco’s larger electric motorcycles but has been designed to be used around the town or city at lower speeds.

Electric motorcycles have the benefit of being governed by the same licensing and road laws in place for petrol-powered versions, unlike privately-owned e-scooters which are not permitted to be ridden on the public highway.

And while e-bikes are restricted to a top speed of 15mph, the CU mini can reach a top speed of 25mph thanks to a 600-watt electric motor. It’s also got a gear-free, twist and go operation which means that it’ll be easy to get up to speed with.

The CU mini also has a decent amount of stopping power on its side courtesy of 130mm front and rear disc brakes.

It complies with AM licence grades too and can be ridden after completing a one-day Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course or straight away by those who gained their driving licence before 2001.

The CU mini incorporates a lithium-ion battery that weighs just 7kg and it can be charged via a standard three-pin plug. When fully topped up, it’ll deliver up to 25 miles of range.

Plus, it also features the Super Soco app which allows riders to track their bike and also monitor its state of charge via their smartphone.