Super73 Unveils Their First Electric Motorcycle

Categories: Bike

Earlier this month, Super73, a company best known for its line of motorcycle-style electric bicycles, unveiled the Super73 C1X electric motorcycle concept, marking the brand’s long-anticipated entry into the increasingly competitive world of electric motorcycles.

With a top speed of 75 miles per hour, a 100-mile city range, and the ability to charge from 0–80% in less than an hour with level 2 quick charging, the C1X is fully street legal, bridging the gap between urban exploration and highway connectivity, as Super73 puts it.

The C1X is 25% smaller than a standard motorcycle, weighing less than 300 pounds, while the average motorcycle typically weighs around 500 pounds.

The fully electric C1X may not convert every motorcycle rider, though. Besides the absence of gas, exhaust, and the noises most commonly associated with riding a gasoline-powered motorcycle, there’s no clutch, no gear shifting, and no foot brake on the C1X. The bike has a chain, a full-twist throttle, a 31” seat height (the average motorcycle has a seat height of 32.5”), front fork suspension, rear shock absorber spring suspension, and front and rear LED lights.

The C1X also features 15” wheels on a reduced wheelbase, instead of the typical 17” wheels you find on a motorcycle, allowing for a more agile riding experience. All of this makes it clear Super73 was going for a streamlined experience with this motorcycle concept.

Until now, Super73 has been dominating the market with its electric bicycles. Based in Irvine, California, and with a significant presence in the United States, Super73 dealers can be found worldwide – from Qatar to France, Switzerland, and Spain, to South Korea and Japan.

You can now reserve a C1X electric motorcycle with a refundable $73 deposit. Shipping is set for winter 2023 and is only available within the continental U.S. The C1X’s final price has not been released.