This Peloton Bike+ Deal Kicks Off The Boxing Day Sales

Categories: Run & Training

Peloton, the company that popularised connected exercise bikes, has joined the Boxing Day sales with discounts on its top-of-the-range bike and treadmill.

The Peloton Bike+ is reduced by £270, bringing the cost of the machine down to £2,025. That’s not quite as low as the Black Friday/Cyber Monday reduction of £300, but it’s close enough for us. If you’re considering buying a Peloton, we’re assuming £30 isn’t going to cause any sleepless nights, since you’ll have to pay a £39 monthly app subscription to get the most from the bike.

While £2,025 is still a lot of money, Peloton does deliver an exceptionally slick and engaging experience which has kept it ahead of the competition. The Bike+ has several improvements over the original Peloton Bike, including a bigger HD screen which rotates so it’s easier to follow the strength and yoga sessions in the app. There’s also an automatic resistance feature so the difficulty changes in line with the demands of the class.

The £270 reduction is available on the bike itself and all three Bike+ packages, which include various accessories, such as dumbbells, a workout mat, cycling shoes, and a bike mat to protect hard flooring.

Peloton is also offering a £150 discount on Peloton Tread packages, but not on just the treadmill itself. So while the entry-level £2,295 price for just the treadmill remains the same, the Tread Essentials package, which adds resistance bands, weights, a workout mat and heart rate monitor, is reduced from £2,570 to £2,420. An extra £125 for that kit isn’t bad, although committed bargain hunters could probably shop around to get similar equipment for a little less.

Specs-wise you can get the same top speed and incline range on cheaper treadmills, but it’s the live and on-demand classes that set the Peloton Tread apart.