Tips to get prepared for Hiking in Cyprus

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Hiking in Cyprus
The mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, is a paradise for hikers. A peaceful place with more than 11,000 years in its natural environs – all yours to explore!

Tourists flock to Cyprus from all over the world to discover landscapes with astonishing sea views, traditional villages, fertile plains and lavish coniferous forests. At the same time, you will get to enjoy opulent sunsets and warm weather.

The island offers a great variety of easily accessible hiking trails that steer visitors to some of the best corners of Cyprus. Natural beauty, remnants of history and rich culture surround you in every direction.

The sign-posted walking trails and ancient footpaths highlight Cyprus’ deep rooted beauty and its strong Mediterranean character. Hikers love trekking through the island’s placid villages with cobbled streets and stone houses, modest monasteries and fragrant vineyards.

Trails range in difficulty and length, from 3 km to 176 km. Maps, itineraries and guidebooks are available at the tourist information offices in Cyprus’ big cities and online.

So, lace up your hiking boots, grab a walking stick and start exploring Cyprus on foot!

Cyprus has hiking trails for outdoor fanatics of all fitness levels. With appropriate planning, the right tools, and an appetite for adventure, you can enjoy a pleasant and safe hike.

Leave behind any stressful thoughts, obligations, work emails, and heavy schedules and enjoy the journey. But before you hit the trail, check out these top hints for casual strolls or hikes on steep slopes.

Plan the hike ahead. Head to VisitCyprus to choose among over 50 designated thematic routes, including nature trails, wine routes, religious routes, cultural routes and more. You’ll find all the information you need to plan your hiking adventure in detail. Based on your trekking experience and mood, you can pick among easy, moderate or more challenging routes to explore. Alternatively, opt for the guided hiking tours running across the island throughout the year.
Design your route according to the season. Temperatures in Cyprus can exceed 40°C during summertime. Choose short and easy trails along the coastline and long walks in Troodos’ pathways from June to August. Always remember to have sunscreen, glasses, a sun hat, plenty of water and some Cypriot raisins for an energy boost.
Research in advance for drinking water sources in remote areas. Plan your stops for lunch and water well in advance, especially when hiking in remote areas like the Troodos Mountains or the Akamas peninsula.
Take with you the right gear. Pick comfortable and breathable clothing that helps you keep warm in winter or cool off for the hot summer months. Opt for clothes of vivid colors that offer adequate sun protection. If you go for Cyprus’ rocky trails and steep slopes, put on a reliable pair of walking shoes.