Tips to Store Snow sports Equipment

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Whether you live near the mountains or the middle of the desert, if you want to keep your skis, snowboard, and other gear in good shape during the off-season, you need proper snowsports equipment storage. Check out these tips on how to store winter recreational gear.

How to Store Skis

Like most sports equipment, skis can accumulate a lot of wear-and-tear. Therefore, before you can store your skis, you’ll need to do some basic maintenance.

Start by washing them down with a garden hose. Tackle particularly stubborn grime with a cloth soaked in a little bit of citrus solvent, which is acidic enough to lift tough dirt without damaging the equipment itself.
Once your skis are dry, sharpen their edges and use summer ski wax on their bases generously—and don’t scrape it off.
Keep them in a cool, dry place in a position that won’t put stress on the cambers and rockers. A good option is to strap them together and lay them on their side in a climate-controlled storage unit.
Hang the ski poles by their straps from the wall using hooks or a small rack.
How to Store Snowboards

The ideal environment for snowboard storage is somewhere cool and dry. In addition to keeping it out of harsh heat or moisture until the next time you hit the slopes, follow these steps for how to store your snowboard.

Wipe it down thoroughly with a wet rag to clean it.
Remove bindings and hardware and put a coat of wax on the base.
Next, sharpen the edges with a snowboard file.
Put your board into a snowboard bag, which will keep it safe from direct sunlight and accidental damage. Keep hardware and bindings in a separate sack, and nest a smaller plastic bag full of your screws inside of it all.
How to Store Ice Skates

When considering how to store ice skates, you need to think about safety as well as the condition of the skates themselves. Since ice skates must be kept sharp for optimal use, it’s important that you store them in a way that won’t injure you while taking them in or out of storage.

Sharpen your ice skates so they’re ready to go the next time you use them.
Make sure they’re completely dry, then cover the blades in a towel soaker designed for ice skates. This will prevent rust.
Cover the leather portion in skate shoe polish to help them retain moisture and prevent cracking.
Store them in an open box in a cool, dry place. A closed box can attract moisture.
How to Store Winter Sports Gear

Most people don’t use helmets, boots, goggles, snow coveralls, and other winter sports outerwear all year. Therefore, it’s essential to store winter sports gear when it isn’t in use.

Wash and dry all clothing items like coveralls and coats using the instructions on their tags. Fold them and put them away in a cardboard box.
Wipe down helmets and goggles with water and a microfiber cloth for a gentle clean that will remove smudges and grime. Put them into a padded bag to avoid damage.
Store all winter sports gear in a dry environment with minimal variation in temperature.