USA Cycling getting children involved in safe, fun cycling with bike giveaway

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All in the spirit of getting more kids excited to ride, “Let’s Ride,” a grass roots program for USA Cycling spent Friday afternoon at Armory Park.

The program encouraged and taught kids about cycling safety while also giving them free bikes on a first come first serve basis.

“They asked us if we needed bikes and we actually have been looking for bikes for awhile and haven’t decided and its pretty awesome, its exciting,” said Liz Martin, who received a bike.

“The thing that is so exciting about Tucson is what is happening here to promote cycling infrastructure,” Mari Holden of USA Cycling said. “I mean the loop is incredible and getting more kids outside and healthy. It is just a healthy activity, a family activity and a life long activity.”

In total the program gave away 50 bikes, as well as helmets and safety information to kids to encourage kids to ride safely.