Weight Loss Tips: Want to Lose Weight But Hate Running? Try This 3 Easy Exercises

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Weight Loss Tips: Regular exercises and diet control can help you desire results. Before embarking on your weight loss journey, it is important that you understand your body completely and the requirements. Different people have a different definition for fitness and what worked out for others may not work out for you. Hence, it is important that you go through the witness routine carefully and see what works the best for you.

Exercise does not always mean running. If you are not a fan of running, you can always skip that part and instead choose something that you like. Taking it to Instagram, Kayla Itsines, a fitness trainer, shares alternatives for running. The caption read,” You might also be in lockdown, or the weather outside might not be great, so you need an alternative for your cardio session! So here is another way to get your cardio in for the day, with NO running required (sic).”

Here’s The List of Exercises
Criss Cross
High Knees
Pop Squat and Twist
Mountain Climbers
Half Burpee
Ab Bikes
“Complete 30 seconds of each, for 3 laps! And then maybe you will look at me at the end, where I am clearly very much feeling okay,” says Kayla.

What Are The Benefits of Cardio?
Cardio exercises are known for leading to losing weight, mobility and providing motion in the joints. Along with this, it also strengthens the heart, improves lung capacity, boosts energy levels and also helps in inducing sleep. According to experts, cardiovascular fitness helps in living healthy and long.