XLAB Torpedo Versa 500

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Brand: XLAB
  • Easy to Drink East to Refill – Stop reaching down for frame bottles. The Torpedo Versa 500 allows you to keep both hands on the aerobar, giving you added control and confidence. Designed to allow you to refill your bottle on the fly, saving you valuable time and energy while racing or training.
  • Aerodynamically Invisible – Designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and wind tunnel testing the Versa 500 fits snugly between your arms and effectively hides the bottle from exposure to the wind. The bottle’s clean, aero shape allows air to wrap cleanly around the bottle while the Kamm Tail angled rear reduces drag. Airflow straighteners molded into the top of the bottle re-direct airflow for a clean, straight exit, further reducing drag.
  • Highly Adjustable – MEGADJUST mounting gives the widest cockpit configuration range of any vertical hydration system. Quickly and securely adjusts to aerobar extension widths 70 mm-150 mm (center-to-center) and accommodates up to 20° of aerobar extension rotation.
  • Compatibility – SECURECLIP BRACKETS tightly snap onto most industry standard 22.2 mm diameter aerobar extension with an audible click. Strong Velcro straps pull tightly, securing the brackets in place for no budging. Eliminates the need for zip-ties that can weaken, rubber bands that can suddenly snap or electrical tape that just makes everything sticky.
  • Includes – 769 mL (26 oz) capacity high density polyethylene, Food Grade BPA-Free Torpedo Bottle, silicone Torpedo Straw with bite valve, Solid Cap, Refillable Cap, 16 layer unidirectional carbon fiber Versa Plate, Telescoping Garmin and Wahoo compatible Versa Computer Mount, and carbon fiber Torpedo Cage with 6 pounds of grip.

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